Quarantini is still availiable, we have run out of gin and sadly dont have time to produce more as we concentrate on vodka production. 

The ContaGIN is here, its a meme that is no longer just a dream! The centre for disease control recommends a minimum of 60% alcohol for a sanitiser to be effective.

We aren't making any claims here, follow the CDC recommendations, we are selling this as a Gin. Use as you like x

For more information to make an informed choice check out Science Alerts Article. 

Now in stock and shipping daily! 
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After major markets (mainly the sydney royal easter show) were cancelled.. We are kinda screwed! This is a product which will hopefully help out our cash flow problem, excess stock and the lack of sanitisers availiable. YES this is absolutely drinkable. Stock up, it'll never go off! Use smaller serves for all your favourite vodka cocktails. Load into any old perfume bottles or the atomiser provided for use. 

Thanks for supporting small business x 


700ml Bottle, 60% alcohol, Approx 33 Standard drinks per bottle

ContaGIN - Sanitiser Strength


Liquor License: 11000537

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It is an offence to supply alcohol to a minor