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Our Location

Canberra Based Crew. 
If you would like to stock our products get in contact with us directly for wholesale prices, colabs, markets, bar takeovers, cocktail nights, general partying and good times. 


Opening Hours

We never sleep! 

WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA! Subscribe and we will let you know when we do x 


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  • Where Can I Buy Unicorn Vodka?
    Always available online! You can find us in a few independant bottle shops around canberra. If you want us to stock in any particular shops let us know. Or ask your local to get in contact. The help would be legendary!
  • When is the release date?
    Unicorn Tears Salted Caramel will be finished on 19th July 2019. All orders will be sent out on the monday and local orders delivered over the weekend.
  • Is it really Natural colour and flavour? What about the glitter.
    Alllll Naturaaaal, well atleast the colour, flavour and Vodka.. We havent found a glitter plant yet. The amazing PH sensitive colour that changes in your drink is sourced from Organic, dried butterfly pea flower which is masserated with our Premium Vodka. Butterfly Pea is also known as the Clitoria Flower.. check out the clit pic bellow for reference of its natural beauty. The tropical flavour is naturally extracted, reduced and blended with our Premium Vodka. The glitter is 100% food grade and harmless, no fairies were harmed in the sourcing of our glitter. We went over Peters head on this deal and went straight to the source, Direct trade with Tinkerbell (Tink) has really helped us assure the quality of our fairy dust.
  • Vegan?
    OHHH helllll yeah! No fairys were harmed or actually used for the glitter in our vodka. No Unicorn tears were harvested for our Vodkas magic. Enjoy a guilt free drink of Unicorn Vodka with us!
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